Yesterday morning we spent an hour or so with Fiona and Jeff from Astons coaches exploring some of Worcester’s near by countryside. The task at hand was to capture one of Astons Irizar luxury Coaches for the home page of the website.

The photo we were tasked to replace was a quite an attractive, all be it outdated photo of a coach on a sunny day taken in the countryside. Being based on the outskirt of Worcester, in an area largely made up of countryside, a similar location was not particularly difficult to find. After a quick chat in the Astons offices, we made our way – in the rain – to Dunstall Castle.

Fortunately when we got there, the rain had all but cleared, and the sun was trying to poke it’s way though the cloud cover. By the time we had decided on a location and set up the first shot the clouds had parted and left us with just the right combination of bright sunshine and a few dark clouds.

Within no time at all, we had the shot we wanted (above). With the design of the website in mind, we were able to tailor the photo to fit perfectly within the slider of the design like so:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 15.22.01

I know we got this shot right, as when I spoke to Fiona on the phone to show her later on in the afternoon, I got a little squeal of happy out of her.

You might be wondering why we went to Dunstall Castle to take a photo, but then not use the Castle as a prop. Well for the purpose of the website header photo, it just wasn’t appropriate. For this type of photography, it is important to make sure the message is clean. A coach on an open road without the distraction of a castle hits just the right message for the home page of a website for a coach hire company. But, this certainly didn’t stop us taking the opportunity to take a few nice photos.


The next part of the day was the trip back to the Astons Depot. I shan’t giveaway all of our trade secrets  as to how we got this shot, but needless to say, it was a lot of fun!


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