Professional Headshot & Corporate Photography

Professional Headshot & corporate photography will help you generate the trust that long term relationships are built on.

Headshot Photography

We charge by the hour and can provide one or two photographers depending on the size of company and the outcome you require.

We have a fully portable pop-up studio that can be brought to your premises and can provide both traditional, professional headshot photos as well as location based photography.
We can also provide a more contemporary, reportage style of work which aims to capture you and your staff in a relaxed yet professional manner.

professional headshot & corporate photography
professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot & corporate photography

Corporate Photography 

A growing proportion of business interaction is conducted digitally, it’s generated, negotiated and delivered online, garnered through social media, and sometimes even completed without meeting face to face.

There has never been a more important time to ensure that you have the right visual communication assets. LinkedIn profile pictures need to be of your staff, of a suitable quality and mood, and ideally of a uniform style.

At the same time your website & print media need to introduce your customers to you, your staff, and your premises. Stock imagery can actually generate disconnection or appear disingenuous when finding a company for the first time online.We can help you generate a personal connection in a process where you may not meet in person.

The post-process of the shoot can involve perfecting and branding the images using specialist software such as the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. We keep our software up to date and can add a personal touch when editing the final images to ensure they suit your company’s professional image and follow that all important uniform style.

“Harrison Clark Rickerbys approached F8 to replace the corporate headshots on our website. F8 came in and showcased various options and styles, and when he had agreed rolled out the same style to all our photos, for 400 members of staff across 6 offices.

As well as our corporate photos, F8 have also attended multiple events for us, capturing the moments perfectly. We have been very happy with the photos F8 have provided, and Hamish and James are great to work with. Looking forward to working with them in the future.“

Geoff White

IT and Digital Marketing Executive, Harrison Clark Rickerbys

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