Cyber Secure Websites

Whilst the internet is highly accessible and is growing to be a preferred means of conducting business for many people, a website that is not cyber secure can be disastrous for a business. In some cases, huge amounts of money goes back and forth on the internet, not to mention highly important and confidential information. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that criminals will try many different approaches to attacking businesses online. Should they lose income, confidential data or even their identity to cyber theft, the results could be devastating.

At F8, we understand just how vital data protection is for businesses and we are committed to ensuring that our clients are protected from all the latest threats through a cyber secure website.

Working alongside Dephrisk, we are able to offer a number of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services to ensure that your website is safe from cyber threats. This allows us to identify and report on any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities, along with the solutions.

Penetration testing examines your website for weaknesses to automated software, as well as human elements. If a cyber security risk is found by an automated test, we will then assess how your site prevents a human from gaining access to the system. Once we have identified weaknesses in your cyber security, we can then provide advice on how to correct this. If you are simply looking for to learn more about how you can improve your website’s cyber security, we provide a consultancy service, advising you on the right steps to take in auditing your website.


Secure Website Development

When a new website is developed, in many cases, making it secure often comes in a distinct second place to making it look fantastic.

At F8, we always aim to develop cyber secure websites without compromising on aesthetics or usability, taking the right steps to ensure that websites have all the necessary protection in place to be protected from any possible threats.

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