Fonts & Colours

Brand colours and fonts that make up your visual identity. 

Brand Colours

The colours and fonts that make up your brand need to reflect the identity, values and personality of your business, so must be selected carefully.

The colours used in your brand carry a meaning and will trigger a certain emotional response in your audience.  Our design team will work with you to create an effective and appropriate colour palette, which complements and enhances the other elements that make up your brand.

brand colours


Typography should be used consistently throughout your website, printed material and anywhere your branding appears, so using the right fonts is crucial. 

Our experienced designers will work with you to shortlist the most appropriate font family to convey the right look to your customers.

“F8 has been working with us for a year on different aspects of creativity, design and marketing for our business, including packaging design for our live oil tins.
They’re accessible, inventive, proactive and attentive, as well as great fun – I can’t imagine running our business without them.”
Claire Knapton James

Owner, Rustic Puglia

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