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Based in Worcester, F8 offer photography services to Hotels, Resturants, Pubs, Clubs and Café’s throughout the county and beyond. We charge by the hour and can provide one or two photographers depending on the size of the job.

As the owner or manager of a Hotel, Resturant, Pubs, Club or Café you will know the value of the interior design of your establishment. Capturing such establishments is not just about taking a few photos, it is about capturing the ambience and atmosphere. It is about capturing the warm cosy candlelit feeling of a romantic restaurant, or the clean airy feel of a modern hotel room. Fundamentally it is about capturing the feel of your establishment in a way you want to portray it to your potential customers.

We can also work with you to advise on how to dress your establishment for photography purposes.

Please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat through your requirements.

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