Industrial Photography

We take our time to understand your company and the angle of photography you wish to achieve.

Industrial Photography

The industrial sector is a bit of a favourite with our photographers.  Heavy machinery and factory environments lend themselves to interesting angles and scenarios that are a joy to take photos of.

For you, professional photographs or your premises, staff, and processes, will give your clients confidence that you have a serious outfit and know what you’re doing.

We’ve produced industrial photography for brochures and other marketing material, as well as documentary shots for company reports, and even framed photographs for a reception or meeting area.

Our photography team can tailor our work to suit you and your particular businesses needs.  Get in touch today if you’re revamping your public image and need some quality, professional photographs.

Man sat on metal using a tool
Metal tools and pieces hung up on a blue wall
Black and white photo of man nealt on floor working in a workshop
Black and white photo of industrial machinery
Two men working in a workshop using a powertool, with sparks flying off the work
Photo of the inside of a workshop with a large number of buttons on a wall
Person in protective gear looking down a microscope with science tools on the desk around them
Person with a mask and gloves on using a tool

Illustrative Photographs

It is important that we take our time to understand your company and the angle you wish to achieve. Once this is established, we can set to work creating illustrative photographs whilst having minimal impact on the working environment.

Whether the photographs are of the people working the machinery or the machines themselves, we can direct and compose creative and technical images that are high impact and complementary to your company.

“We wanted some relevant fine art photography for our foyer and meetings rooms. F8 took time to understand our requirements and knew exactly how to capture the beauty they saw in our daily work. We are proud to present the striking photographs in our buildings and would highly recommend.”

Neil Clifton

Manager Director, Cube Precision Engineering

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