Over the course of the summer Naim Audio had been internationally launching their new “Statement” amplifier – the ultimate in audio engineering from Naim Audio. Whilst on its travels it visited some of the most prestigious HiFi/consumer electronics shows and HiFi dealers all over the world. Two of the dealers were in England, and one of those dealers was our client uhes.

uhes also represented the first venue in the world where Statement could be heard in a residential environment. Since this quite stunning piece of equipment coming to uhes was quite a momentous occasion, we all put our heads together and decided we should make a bit of an event of the day!

F8 Photo of Naim Statement

Track back a bit to the beginning of 2014… After installing a Naim Audio HiFi system in their showroom, uhes had a burgeoning relationship with the local Bentley dealership H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham. This relationship is partly based on goodwill between two companies who share some clients, but also based on a deeper connection, a connection that is between Bentley and Naim audio themselves.

In case you are wondering what could possibly connect a HiFi manufacturer and a car manufacturer, I shall explain. Firstly, if you buy the upgrade in-car audio system for your brand new Bentley, you will find it is manufactured by Naim audio. Secondly, Naim Audio are sponsors of the Bentley GT3 Motorsport team. So what better way to celebrate this relationship than by bringing together uhes and H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham; two of these most prestigious manufacturers most prestigious dealers.

Jump forward to the planning of our event and it made sense that the Statement amplifier was not to be the only star of the show. Thanks to the relationship with H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham, the recently released Bentley V8s and two other stunning Bentley cars were also to be available for test drive on the day of the event.

And this was not all… The Naim Statement needed to be demonstrated with some speakers of equal magnitude. The speakers chosen for the event were to be the not insubstantial Focal Grande Utupia EM’s. In short, this was certain to be an event that would impress its guests.

F8 Photo of Focal Grande Utopia

With Norman and Ian selecting the catering for the day, providing the venue and arranging all of the music systems to be on demo for the day, F8 were put in charge of liaising with brand and marketing managers at Naim and H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham, creating the printed invites, email confirmation invites, a micro-website for event information, goody bags containing various Bentley and Naim goodies for the guests on the day, collecting info from the guests on the day, organising the PA for speeches (provided on the day by Insert Audio), and of course providing video and photography for the event.

The event itself was held on the 26th of June, and went without a hitch. We had positive feedback from all the guests, and the staff who attended from H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham, Naim and Focal. This Included comment from Paul Stevenson, Naim Audio’s Managing Director, who said as part of his key note speech on the day that “[uhes are] Our most premium dealer…” and “We have around a thousand dealers worldwide, very few at this level, our dream is to get them all up here… Certainly the way that Norman & Ian have the experience of retailing is something very special”.

Here you can see one of the videos we put together from the days footage – Includes speeches from Norman, Paul Carvel -H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham’s Brand Ambassador, and Paul Stevenson – Naim’s MD.

Here at F8, we have long been very proud of our relationship with uhes, especially since it gives us the opportunity to work so closely with such highly regarded brands as H.R.Owen Bentley Cheltenham, Naim and Focal. Having this opportunity to play such a large part in the organisation of such a prestigious event was something we revelled in and we very much look forward to being a part of the organisation of future events held at uhes.

You can read more about the event here on uhes’s website 

And if you would like to have a chat about how we can support your company through the organisation of an event, then please get in touch

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