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Advertising products effectively through online video

F8 Creates offers product video services throughout the county and beyond. We offer a scalable service to suit budget and requirements, with a keen eye for quality, brand, structure and narrative.

Quality product videos showcase and demonstrate how well a product works. These videos can therefore make up a very important part of your online sales process. One of the main advantages the bricks and mortar shop is the ability of a salesperson to show your customer how the product works. The online retail environment creates a greater gap between your customer and your product. Product video goes a long way to close that gap in three key ways:

Showcasing your product through video.

By directly engaging your product with the consumer you immediately build confidence and establish a relationship with your potential customer.

Video allows you to show your consumers the product in all it’s glory. Consumers know exactly what they are getting with a video. They can see it working, or see the dimensions and scale in a true way.  You also get to show the product in a variety of usages. Some of which the consumer may not have thought of, thus increasing its perceived usefulness and desirability.

A video also shows you are serious about your product. It creates a very real, moving image and shows the consumer you are not afraid to show and shout about them.

Making your video work for you

Gone are the days where it was enough to just have a video made to plonk in a hidden corner of your website. We will work with you to ensure your video hits the greatest audience, and more importantly is engageable and shareable with other prospective clients. With 70% of Internet traffic engaging with video, there has never been a more important time to ensure that you have the right visual communication assets.

Find out more about how we can support your marketing and social media efforts with the video we services we provide – here

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