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Case Study Video

Case Study

We Created

Case Study Video

BJS Home Delivery are a nationally operating two-man delivery company with strong customer service focused values.

As a company who strive to constantly improve its customer service, BJS engaged the services of What 3 Words.

What 3 Words is a platform that allocates three English words in combination to every 3 meter square on the planet.

In doing so, they allow the sharing of coordinates in an easier to understand and communicate way.

Within the world of a delivery company, this provides advantages to the delivery company as well as the sender and recipient of goods being transported. The sender of the goods is able to ask the recipient within the checkout process or over the phone for their What 3 Words coordinates.

Coordinates can then be passed to the delivery company and then on to the driver. This helps the drivers more easily find delivery locations as well as helping recipients of items specify exact delivery locations. This is useful when the delivery location isn’t easily found using a postcode or address but also helps when the delivery location is specified as an outbuilding to an address, a different door, or even somewhere completely remote.

Needless to say, What 3 Words had a positive impact on BJS Home Delivery as a home delivery company, and as such both companies had a desire to shout about said success through the creation of a case study video.

bjs home delivery case study video on linkedin mockup on ipad

Case Study Video

BJS Home Delivery approached F8 to work with their brand manager and the marketing team at What 3 Words to produce the video.

Our role was to work with the script and storyboard produced by What 3 Words and using our filmmaking and branding expertise tap into the BJS tone-of-voice to create content that fulfilled the outlined storyboard, but that also fit the BJS brand.

We shot the footage on location at BJS and ‘on the road’ at various locations in the West Midlands over the course of 3 days.

This footage was then handed to the What 3 Words team along with editing and content suggestions. What 3 Words then edited the footage with input from us and the BJS branding manager.

the end result

The end result is a video that, from the point of view of a delivery team, tells the story of some of the issues the home delivery drivers can suffer when attempting to find locations, how the What 3 Words system helps solve these issues, as well as overall focusing on the importance of good customer service to BJS home delivery and specifically their drivers.

In its entirety, this was an incredibly fulfilling project to work on. We were able to take advantage of both our branding and video production expertise to ensure our part of the project brief was fulfilled to the utmost satisfaction of both BJS and What 3 Words. The final video is testament to the good working relationship we formed with everyone involved.

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