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Enquire Within Upon Everything

We created

Simple logo design and brand

Enquire Within Upon everything

We Created

Simple logo design and brand

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Enquire Within simple logo design on two piles of business cards

What’s In A Name

The name itself comes from a vintage series of how-to books, first published in 1856. The books are fascinating and inspired Tim Berners-Lee to name his precursor of the World Wide Web, ENQUIRE.

With such a grand title, we wanted to give a nod to the history of the books in the logo, whilst keeping it modern and fun.

Simple Logo Design

C&T, a team of applied theatre practitioners, technologists and researchers, came to us to design a logo for a new project: Enquire Within Upon Everything.

The project is starting with workshops and information sessions, offering support to the people of Worcestershire following the Covid 19 crisis.

Enquire Within simple logo design on two piles of business cards

Brand Identity

The logo needed to be part of a simple identity that could be used on business cards, information leaflets, and event banners. We kept things straight forward with a simple colour palette and a few logo variations.

This was a fun project and C&T gave us full creative freedom with the design, allowing us to create a logo that was smart but not too corporate.

Brief brand guideline

With a few elements to the brand, we created a brief guideline with a few details about the colour values, fonts and logos for usage.

Even with a simple identity it’s imperative that it remains consistent wherever it’s used.  The brand is expected to grow over time, so getting this right at the beginning creates a solid starting point from which the identity can evolve.

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