The Laundry Ladder is an alternative way to dry clothes. It is a beautifully made piece of furniture that does not need to be hidden away.

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Elegant laundry ladders and laundry accessories.

JuLu – Julia and Lucie came to us for a series of product videos to showcase their laundry accessories.

We have seen a huge rise in product videos on social media recently. A video showcases your product to potential customers in an easily digestible format, showing them exactly what they are getting and how the product is used. This makes you immediately think about how you could integrate it into your life and how much you desire it.

The videos are cut to be social media ready. They are no longer than 1 minute long for Instagram and to keep the viewer interested. Our research has shown that most people watch videos on mute, therefore we chose to add text captions instead of spoken word. From one video session, we managed to get enough content to split into three main product video. This gave JuLu the most bang for their buck in terms of time versus content.

We were also commissioned to photograph the new airer in situ to show the quality, stylish versatility of the piece of furniture. The JuLu laundry ladders are designed to be part of your home and not hidden away. This is the reason for the high build quality and materials used such as pine and English ash.

Have a look at the JuLu laundry ladders and accessories here.


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