Case Study

We created

Rebrand, Brand Guideline, Product Packaging Design,
Video and Photography

Case Study

We created

Rebrand, Brand Guideline, Product Packaging Design, Video and Photography

Mermaid Bakeware from Samuel Groves has been a trusted brand with professionals and home bakers the world over, since 1871. Since conception, it has been made in the heart of Birmingham, UK.


Samuel Groves approached us for a complete overhaul of their Mermaid Bakeware identity.

Having been through many interpretations over the years, we wanted to be sensitive to the tradition of the brand, whilst creating a modern identity that would resonate with both young and old home bakers.

mermaid bakeware rebrand logos before and aftermermaid bakeware rebrand logos before and after

Sub Brand

Mermaid Bakeware currently comes in a Hard Anodised and Silver Anodised finish, each having different properties and therefore different practical uses in the kitchen.

We created a sub brand for each to reflect these properties and make the different products stand apart whilst still being recognisable as part of the Mermaid family.

mermaid product packaging design blue silver anodised sub brand with mermaid icon
mermaid product packaging design silver hard anodised sub brand with diamond icon

Brand Guidelines

We created quite a detailed brand guideline for Mermaid, to cover the sub brands, colours, printing finishes, and various use cases.

We ensure that we can manage the brand successfully through to implementation with a consistent set of usage rules.

mermaid product packaging design, top of shallow roaster tin

Packaging Design

We designed the card inserts that sit inside the bakeware when it’s on display in store. There are many different variations and size of product in the range, so we created a master packaging design that could be easily adapted by Samuel Groves in-house graphic designers as new products were added.

mermaid product packaging design, bottom of shallow roaster tin


Our video and photography team created a series of promotional videos including live baking and food styling.

Janine on the F8 team has many years baking experience, so was able to prepare suitable dishes to show the bakeware in action. The video shoot had to be well planned so as to result in a bank of useful footage which can be edited into many videos.


The team also shot a large library of promotional product and lifestyle photos that are perfectly consistent with the video style. This was all combined into a single shoot which required careful planning but resulted in the best return on investment for the client, with consistent results across all the video and photography produced.

victoria sponge cake with slice cut out
loaf in a tin being taken out of the oven
banana loaf in tin with utensils to the left and a banana and lemon in front
apple tart on a tray with the tin and a rolling pin at the side
walnut and ginger cake on a plate with slice cut out and tin to the side
loaf of bread with slices cut off, a bowl of butter and the tin just in front
raspberry roll with tin to the side

I love working with the team at F8, they quickly grasp the brief and execute the work on time, lots of creativity!

Pam Ballone

Mermaid Bakeware

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