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Corporate Video & Photography

Established in 2011 in the fantastic Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, OLPRO have been designing and producing top quality camping and camper van equipment ever since.

Product and Corporate Video Production

Our corporate video production, involved shooting a series of videos for OLPRO covering their product range.  Some of the videos just show the product in a lifestyle setting.  Other videos include Daniel demonstrating the product and explaining how the product works.

Most of these are relatively short videos that go on their website. Have a look around your website and you’ll see them on some of the product pages.

The videos also appear on their social media, leading people through to the website where they can buy the product and range being demonstrated.

They are quick and easy to produce, resulting in a high return on investment when used as part of social media campaigns


Lifestyle Photography

OLPRO needed photos of their products in a camping lifestyle setting.  We included several of their products together.  Some photos feature a van, and even a dog!  This all helps to add personality to the photos and shows people how the product will fit into their life.

Olpro corpoarte video production van and tent
Olpro green tent
orange Olpro tent with dog and camping chair
corporate video production Olpro van
corporate video production green tent
small blue and white tent
tent with two camping chairs
corporate video and photography
product photography inside of a tent
Olpro corpoarte video production van and tent

“We’ve worked with F8 for a number of years now and they are definitely part of our team. The image of our products is essential as people often only see what we do online, so our tents and other products have to really stand out. 

Hamish and the team help us to achieve this through excellent photography, video work and some great production. Very good to work with, have always got us as a brand and very importantly we’ve always felt we’ve had outstanding value for money as the team put a lot into the time they spend working with us.”

Daniel Walton

Managing Director, Olpro

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