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Twitter Cards – or what I call “Rich Media Tweets”

Twitter cards have been around for quite a while now, yet, uptake in them is a little lacking, especially in small businesses. I was at a meeting yesterday with maybe ten other local businesses and I asked the group who has twitter cards setup. I got dead silence in...

F8 Creates; “Cyber Essentials” Certified … Are you?

Cyber Essentials is a Cyber Security framework that has been constructed to outline a range of fairly simple to implement but very effective controls for companies to help reduce the chance and impact of cyber attack. Almost all companies - big and small - will have...

The Basics of Photographic Composition

Composition in its simplest form concerns that which you have chosen to photograph. Literally the things that are in the picture. A headshot photograph would primarily consist of a photograph of a person’s head, a landscape picture would be of a landscape of some...

Heads up, suspicious scam emails are rife!

This isn’t intended to be one of those scary 'the world is out to get you' type posts, just a quick note to encourage you to keep your wits about you when reading your emails. I have noticed recently a small rise in scam emails, and though it might be a coincidence, I...

iPhone Studio Photo Processing using the Native “Camera” App

At the end previous tutorial - "How to take product photos good enough for a website or ebay using an iPhone" - I left you hanging a little bit, promising I would show you how to brighten up those photos. Well today that is just what I am going to do. Just using the...

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