Who we are

F8 – An independent branding, website design, photography and video team based in central Worcester (the one in England). The company officially formed in June 2009 as a collaboration between pre-existing creative companies. The collaborative work continues within the formal F8 team, but we also continue to revel in the advantages of working with people from the wider creative community – both locally and nationally, individuals and teams – who all share a common creative philosophy and working ethos.

Our approach to our clients – our working ethos

To solve the problems our clients present us with we must first fully understand both their needs and the needs of their clients in as great a depth as is possible.

This depth of understanding is gained through what we believe to be very close partnerships and working relationships with our clients. Relationships, that whilst professional, are invariably enjoyed by both parties. Having close relationships with our clients is a joy for us, it certainly makes our work lives a much more gratifying pursuit day to day.

More importantly though, we also see these positive relationships as a vital part of the work we do.

A big part of understanding a company and its motivations is understanding the person or people behind that company and their motivations. Understanding a person, the people, their company, and that companies personality make understanding their problems easier, and so in turn, help us solve said problems  in a much more efficient and indeed effective way.

Our approach to our work – our creative philosophy

We at F8 believe that whilst design should always work hard to help illustrate, inform and sell, it should never get in the way of, or distract from the intended message. As the venerable industrial designer Dieter Rams once said “Design should not dominate things, it should not dominate people, it should help people. That’s its role” – he said a lot of other very pertinent things about design too, but that particular quote represents our company ethos particularly well. Whilst our designs are perhaps a little less minimalist than Rams’ we like to think – to some degree at least – that there is a shared philosophy.

We see it as our role to interpret our clients problem, to strip it back to it’s fundamental and most simple components. Once these simple components are established we are able to build back up from them. We call this the simple-up approach (as opposed to the opposite; complicated-down).

By no means do we claim ownership of this philosophy. Looking to solve a problem in the most elegant way as possible has been the philosophy of many designers and thinkers from many walks of life. It is just a philosophy we chose to live by.

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Let's Get Started

call us on 01905 612260

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