In the age of smartphones and cloud based CRMs, are business cards still necessary?  I can’t remember the last time I saw a rolodex on someone’s desk.  Yet every new client meeting I go to starts with an exchange of business cards.

Most people get business cards without thinking why they need them, but there’s actually some very important reasons…

Why have business cards in the first place?

If you’re only seeing someone for a short amount of time at a networking event or just in passing, a business card is the easiest way to give them your details.

But it’s more than just contact details!

If your cards are well designed and follow your brand guidelines, you’ll be giving people a little piece of your company’s personality.  When well executed, this is more important than you might think. Brand recognition is crucial, and a well designed brand should remind someone of you every time they see it.

What makes a new business cards memorable?

A memorable business card simply needs to have something about it that makes people look at it for a bit longer than normal.

A distinctive brand with bright colours will do the job for you.  There are more subtle options, such as a duplex or triplex card.  With triplex you can sandwich a flash of bright colour between 2 plain cards for an eye catching card. Luxe cards are an affordable version of this –

Different paper varieties are available, such as cards with a vintage feel, or a bit of texture.  Most printers will send you a sample pack if you ask.

Likewise, most printers will offer special finishes, such as uv spot to make shiny parts of the card that stand out, or foiling for a luxury metallic process.

You know you’re doing it right when someone says to you ‘nice card!’ whilst turning it in their hand.

Quality over quantity

If you’ve ever bought business cards in the past, I’m willing to bet that you ordered too many and had piles of them hanging around.  If you change details or have a rebrand, suddenly you need new business cards, and the old ones are irrelevant.

Unless you’re a mega-networker, you’ll probably be giving out less cards than you think.  Therefore I would always recommend quality over quantity.  Try not to be seduced by the discount you get by ordering 1000s of standard ‘ivory board’ stock business cards.  Spend the same amount of money on 100 quality, distinctive business cards instead.  I promise you, you’ll be proud when you give them out.

If you want to talk to us about printing options, or need new business cards designed, get in touch today.

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