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The colours and fonts that make up your brand need to reflect the identity, values and personality of your business, so must be selected carefully.

Typography should be used consistently throughout your website, printed material and anywhere your branding appears, so using the right fonts is crucial.  Our experienced designers will work with you to shortlist the most appropriate font family to convey the right look to your customers.

The colours used in your brand carry a meaning and will trigger a certain emotional response in your audience.  Our design team will work with you to create an effective and appropriate colour palette, which complements and enhances the other elements that make up your brand.

Contact our design studio in Worcester, and the F8 design team can guide you through this important part of the process.

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Hayward Wright

Hayward Wright is a modern, forward thinking accountancy group.  When creating their brand, we chose particularly powerful emotive colours for a look and feel that really stands out.

They have an extended colour palette, with a different colour to represent each of their wide range of services on offer.

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